The Key to Not Being Upset That You’re Not Famous

At some point in their life, I feel like everyone thought that they could be famous. And maybe you still do, so kudos to you for not giving up yet. I’m not really one to talk, at 13 I still wanted to be in a band and tour the world. But things don’t always work out that way, in fact most of the time they don’t. The point is, I gave up. And we all do. At some point, the actuality that you may not become an NFL player or the next Taylor Swift sets in and you move on to something else. It may have been heartbreaking at the time, but after awhile you got over it and realized that there are other ways to be happy and dreaming that you can travel the world making music and meeting your billions of fans isn’t always the ideal life. I think people see this once they stop pursuing one of these ‘one-in-a-million chance’ careers see everything the one in a million don’t have that they do. They don’t get to see their families, have lazy days, or much else. They may have a lot of money, but you can do that with a lot of jobs. Some people work incredibly hard to be as successful in their field of work that they are, and I give those people credit where it’s due. You read stories in Time Magazine or Rolling Stone and you see how hard some musicians or actors or anyone else worked to get where they are today. And yet they still get hated on for the most insignificant things (I will admit, as much as I love Angelina Jolie and the work she does, I was upset about the divorce too). Then there are people who do absolutely nothing, and make a billion dollars. And I don’t mean the phrase ‘a billion’ in hyperbolic manner. If we’re being honest, I’ve never understood the people who get famous off of social media. Other than YouTube, where people put out effort to make good content, I just don’t get it. The idea that someone can post a video of themselves lip-syncing to a song they didn’t write and six months later they have 10 million fans and a music career doesn’t make sense to me. And I swear I’m not throwing shade at people on or whatever, that was just the idea that came to me because it’s the most incredulous. I understand other social media to an extent, that’s just the one that gets me. But at least those kids aren’t famous for doing something stupid. The point of this is, whenever you miss having the confidence that you had when you were a kid that you were going to be famous, think about how being famous could actually be awful. It may not be, I wouldn’t know, but maybe thinking that will dull the feeling of ‘I need to do something with my life right now’ that you get seeing these 13 year-old’s starting music careers (Yes, I said 13 because if I said 14 that’d be hating on my fellow 14 year old’s and I can’t do that).


A word that I think is cool: Erinaceous

Definition: Like a hedgehog




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