I’m The Worst (I Know)

You definitely must have thought I was dead. But I’m not, at least not yet anyways. Woah, AC, is that you? You haven’t posted since like October!!! Trust me, I know. And writer’s block doesn’t excuse the fact that I have been gone. But it’s what I’m using. I have had no inspiration. In fact, I still don’t have inspiration. I told myself that, inspired from the many Youtubers I love to watch, that I would do ‘Blogmas’ and write something Christmas related every day leading up to my favorite holiday. But when December 1st rolled around, I forgot.

I have also been busy. So busy, in fact, that I’m putting off homework along with a ton of other responsibilities in order to write this and apologize. I need inspiration. I need something to write about. I could write about dance, about swim, about anything really. But I want to make whoever reads this laugh. I want something entertaining, not boring. I’m really truly going to try and post more, and I’m not lying this time. I’m going to start writing down ideas in a journal whenever I think of them, and then have a set time (starting at once a week and working my way up) of when I’m going to post. I need a routine, otherwise I’ll be gone for 3 months and people will think I am dead again. I’m going to try and post on Thursdays, that seems like a day that will work really well for me in the future. And I can set a reminder on my phone to make sure that I type a certain amount of words (Maybe like 500 or 1000?) to keep this habit up. I want to be good at this, honestly. I want to use this as my outlet.  A private twitter account that no one follows only does so much. Honestly, I need to write. It calms me down, gives me an outlet. Plus, I have a new computer now and yeah overall I just really want to write. This blog may sound different than my older ones but honestly it’s me venting as to why I’ve been gone for so long and apologizing for it. I love writing, I just need inspiration. Anyways that’s all I can think to put in this. Stay tuned this Thursday to see if I actually stick to what I say I’m going to do and post.




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